The importance of Data Erasure

As business continue to become increasingly dependent on technology and create / rely on digital data, its vital proper data erasure services are carried out. The foundations of a business fall onto the privacy, confidentiality and security of data so whether you’re a large organization or an SME, effective Data Erasure service is vital to all businesses.  


If your business experiences a data leak, it could result in severe consequences such as; breaking data protection laws, investigations, fines, loss of money, customers lose trust and potentially, even the loss of your business altogether.  



What is Data Erasure?  


Data erasure is the process of permanently and irreversibly destroying data stored on device and making it unrecoverable. This includes PCs, laptops, servers, mobile devices, wearables and anything that contains personal/sensitive data.  



Why should you use Break Fix Parts for your Data Erasure? 


When it comes to removing data from your business’ technologies, it’s more complicated than simply pressing delete. If proper data erasure procedures aren’t followed and data isn’t properly removed from your systems, your business is at high risk of a data leak.  


Break Fix Parts engineers are trained to be to delete your data effectively and efficiently, ensuring your business remains secure and experiences minimal downtime. We’ll follow your local Data Protection Laws and provide you with certifications and detailed data reports so you can be confident your data has been erased securely. According to the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), when data is erased, it should be completely gone. Whether this is in the form of the usual Data Erasure, or in some cases, physical Data Erasure, meaning the hardware is destroyed.  


We cover smartphones, laptops, loose drives, servers, and more. Due to the large amount of data stored on devices, it is essential that the data is not only maintained when using the devices to ensure there isn’t a risk of a data breach, but also important to make sure there is safe disposal or erasure of data from these devices. We provide cost-effective solutions to data erasure, whether you would rather use do-it-yourself erasure software or our in-house destruction services.  


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